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Commercial real estate financing

Commercial real estate financing

With the number one non-bank real estate financing company, there is no need for you to postpone your plans


Individual financing structure for your project
Advantageous financing conditions
We will do the property valuation ourselves
We can help you with tax, exchange rate, and interest rate risks
We are able to provide comprehensive due diligence of properties and companies being acquired
Long-term experience in property management and service SPVs from the legal, accounting, and tax perspectives

Further information

We also offer project management, asset management, and construction management
In case of interest, we are able to arrange a co-investor
We finance the construction of new properties, renovation of existing properties, as well as purchases of existing properties. For some real estate projects, we are not only the financing institution, but also the developer.
We finance real estate by leasing or similar forms of financing

Additional information

Project Management

  • Comprehensive project and project team management
  • At the preparatory phase – identification of all expected cost inputs, risk assessment, concept of the technical and technological solution of the project, preparation of project schedule, putting together the project team.
  • At the construction phase – construction management – oversight
  • At the implementation phase – 2 variants
    • Operations – asset management – control of operations management, budgeting, letting, fit-out, refurbishment, regular reporting
    • Sales (development project) – oversight over sales activities (marketing, real estate agents) and contract implementation
  • At the sales phase of the project – preparation of a teaser, documents for DD and data room, tender organisation, evaluation of results, drafting of contracts, sale wrap-up 

Asset Management

  • Management and administration of lease relationships – letting management through agent coordination, setting up relationships according to client strategy and debt recovery
  • Technical property management (External subcontract) – ensuring the care of the property in terms of maintenance and repairs
  • Management and administration of subcontractor relationships – administration of central services such as security, cleaning, distribution of utilities and their re-invoicing
  • Reporting to the customer
  • Bookkeeping and active communication with the competent tax authorities

Construction Management

To ensure that the construction process runs smoothly, we offer the following services to our clients:
  • Check of the value of the property
  • Estimate of project costs and proceeds 
  • Support in selecting a building plot
  • Assistance in selecting an architect and designer, including professional support in negotiating the terms of contracts with designers and contractors
  • Support in the project preparation and negotiation phase
  • Support in securing the tender for the general contractor
  • Continuous control of the project in the preparation and implementation phase with regard to costs, deadlines and quality of execution
  • Inspection of the property on receipt from the supplier or seller
  • Professional support during throughout the financing of the property (changes to building, claims for defects from works contracts, property insurance, etc.)

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