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Use of cookies

Information about cookies

used by Raiffeisen - Leasing, s.r.o. for users of the website
I. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which usually contains a unique identifier and is sent to the browser of the end device of a website user and placed in the storage of the end device. The file contains some anonymous information such as the identifier, the name of the website, or duration (expiry time). The file may be temporary and exist only for the time for which the user is logged in to the website, or it may be permanent and remain in the storage of the end device for a specified expiry time, or until it is deleted by the website user.

II. Reasons for using cookies

We use cookies primarily in order to ensure that the above-mentioned website functions properly, to find out what your preferences are, to target the content of the website to make it better match your requirements resulting from how you browse the website and to what you pay attention while browsing. We also use cookies to determine what services are of interest to you and then provide you with an offer of such services, where appropriate. We do not use cookies to find out your other personal data but we may link the data we obtain through cookies to the personal data you provide to us or that we obtain by other means.

III. Types of cookies used and their purpose

Our company’s website uses the following types of cookies:

  • Technical (necessary) cookies – these cookies are necessary for the website to be displayed correctly and ensure its proper functioning.
  • Analytical cookies – the purpose of analytical cookies is to determine how users use the website and to track their traffic.  These features allow us to improve the quality and content of the website.
  • Conversion and tracking cookies – these cookies allow the company to analyse the performance of different sales channels.
  • Marketing cookies – these cookies are used for marketing purposes; they collect information that allows us to better tailor advertising messages to the interests of website users.
When visiting the website you have the right to decide via the cookies toolbar whether you will only keep necessary cookies, give your consent to the storage and subsequent processing of all the above-mentioned cookies or allow certain cookies.

IV. Control and management of cookies

Legislation allows us to store so-called technical cookies on end devices without needing permission from website users.  For other types of cookies, consent is required by using the consent button and you have the option to allow only certain cookies used by the website via the “Edit” button. By giving consent you allow us to place cookies on your end device and further processing them. 

Consent for the storage and subsequent processing of the cookies is granted for a period of 1 year.

You have option to manage cookies via your browser settings.  Within these settings, you can determine whether the browser should allow websites to store cookies on your end device and you can set preferences for certain websites.  You can delete cookies already placed in your end device’s storage or request notifications in respect of stored cookies in your browser settings.  If you delete the cookies, the stored information will be permanently deleted, which may affect your comfort while browsing the website or make some of its functions impossible.  

We cooperate with third parties (processors) who may also use cookies in the provision of their services.

More detailed information about the management of cookies is available directly in browser settings.

The use of cookies may constitute the processing of personal data.
Information about Raiffeisen - Leasing, s.r.o. and about how it processes personal data is available in the Information and instructions concerning the processing of personal data section.

Overview of cookies

Cookies Domain and tool Purpose Use
imedia.cz Advertising For example, advertising targeting
ASP.NET_SessionId www.rl.cz System ASP.NET Session Cookie – A system cookie used for remembering values when going from one page to another.
CMSCsrCookie www.rl.cz System System cookie that stores a safety key for protecting against Cross site request forgery.
CMSCurrentTheme www.rl.cz System System cookie that stores the name of the current visual motif to ensure the right design is used for dialogue windows
CMSPrefferedCulture www.rl.cz System System cookie that stores the language selected for page content.
CMSCookieLevel .rl.cz System System cookie that determines the cookies permitted for website visitors.
__cfduid .jquery.com Faster loading of website  Uses CloudFare – faster page loading for users based on IP address
.jquery.com Google Analytics Google Analytics – measuring, anonymous collection of information
.rl.cz Google Analytics Google Analytics – measuring, anonymous collection of information
_hjIncludeInSample www.rl.cz Most likely www.hotjar.com Analytical measuring of user behaviour on the website
.hotjar.com https://www.hotjar.com/ Analytical measuring of user behaviour on the website 
1P_JAR, S, SID, SSID, SAPISID, HSID, APISID, AID, CONSENT, ANID, .google.cz Google Analytics Google Analytics – measuring, anonymous collection of information
DSID, IDE doubleclick.net Advertising For example, advertising targeting
_dc_gtm_UA-9804559 .rl.cz Advertising Anonymous collection of information about how a visitor uses the website (including, for example, the number of website visitors, where they come from and what pages of the website they visited)

Choose your cookie level

This website uses cookies
Cookies used by this website include technical (necessary), analytical, conversion, tracking and marketing cookies. You can find out more in the Information about cookies and you can change your choice of cookies here at any time. We give you the option to keep only the necessary cookies, to give your consent for the storage and subsequent processing of all the listed cookies, or to choose another option you prefer via the “Edit” button.