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Subsidy Consulting

Subsidy Consulting

With Raiffeisen – Leasing, you can benefit from subsidy programs that help you reduce financing cost.

Benefits of our subsidy consulting

We will advise you on the selection of a suitable subsidy program.
We will ensure the processing of applications for subsidies and prepare project financing.
We will be happy to support you in any negotiations with the institution granting the subsidy.
We will be at your disposal for the entire term of our agreement.

Subsidies for financing agricultural machinery and equipment (PGRLF)

In cooperation with PGRLF, we make it possible for our clients – farmers – to combine our financing with PGRLF subsidy programs.  The client can receive a subsidy for part of the interest paid to Raiffeisen – Leasing.
The programs include:

The Farmer Program

For the purchase of agricultural equipment, e.g., seeding machines, harvesters, tractors, loaders, mowers, and other agricultural equipment.

The Forest Farmer Program

For the purchase of forest management equipment, e.g., tractors, logging machines, chippers, loaders, etc.

The Wood Processor Program

Purchase of wood processing equipment or technology.

The Processor Program

Investment in the acquisition of fixed assets related to the agricultural product processing for food or feed purposes.

Financing of industrial enterprises with NRB support

In cooperation with the NRB, we offer the following programs to our clients:

The Expansion Program

The program is designed for modernisation/development projects. For clients who plan to acquire machinery and equipment, purchase or renovate buildings used for business, or technological procedures, programs, licenses, software, etc. We offer a combination of our financing with a concessionary loan from the NRB with a 0% interest rate, up to 45% of the eligible project costs. A contribution to interest on a loan with Raiffeisen – Leasing of up to CZK 4 million, instalment deferment for up to 4 years. Designed for projects in the Czech Republic outside of Prague.

The Energy Saving Program

The program is suitable for entrepreneurs who plan to use the financing in energy saving projects. We offer our clients a combination of our financing and a loan from NRB with a 0% interest rate and a contribution to the interest on a loan with Raiffeisen – Leasing, and instalment deferment for up to 4 years. Designed for projects in the Czech Republic outside of Prague.

Subsidies from the Rural Development Program (PRV)

Subsidies from the Rural Development Program can be used for the acquisition of technology for livestock and crop production and for the purchase of machinery.  The program aims to restore, preserve, and improve ecosystems dependent on agriculture, invest in the competitiveness and innovativeness of agricultural enterprises, support the engagement of young people into agriculture, and landscape infrastructure.

We offer clients assistance in obtaining subsidies from the Rural Development Program, namely for the following operations:
  • Processing and marketing of agricultural products
  • Activities of farmers
  • Start-up of young farmers’ operations
  • Consultancy and training events aimed at transferring knowledge and innovations in agriculture and forestry
  • Forestation and reforestation
  • Technology for forest management and wood processing plants
  • Rural economic development and poverty abatement 
  • Efficient use of natural resources and energy from renewable sources
  • Land adaptations – road construction and renovation of agricultural buildings
  • Mitigation of natural hazards
  • Nature conservation

Financing with a European Investment Fund guarantee

Innovation is a key driver of economic development that will help you compete in a highly competitive environment.  Invest in your company's future.  You can cover the necessary costs with a loan guaranteed by the European Investment Fund (EIF), which will bring you a range of benefits:
  • A more favourable interest rate compared to regular rates.
  • We will arrange the EIF guarantee entirely FREE of charge to you.
  • Lower requirement for loan/financial leasing collateral.  Thanks to the EIF guarantee, you do not have to put your company's assets as collateral.
  • Lower requirement in terms of your own funds at the beginning (down payment).
  • Long-term financing of your innovative projects of up to EUR 7.5 million (or an equivalent in CZK and USD).

For what purposes can you use the EIF guarantee?

The aim of our cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF) is to support small and medium-sized companies that understand that innovation is required in order for them to succeed on the market.  Loans and leases are intended for
  • Investments in production
  • Investments in the development or implementation of new or improved products, processes, or services
  • Process or organisational innovations

Conditions for obtaining a loan / financial leasing with a EIF guarantee

Company turnover
  • The funding is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 500 employees and an annual turnover of up to EUR 50 million or a total accounting balance of up to EUR 43 million (all on a consolidated basis).
Loan term
  • You can arrange a loan/lease for a period of 1 to 10 years.
  • Funds can be drawn in Czech crowns, euros, or dollars, depending on your individual needs.
  • Loans / leases with a EIF guarantee are intended exclusively for financing innovative projects subject to the InnovFin conditions.  To obtain them, it is therefore necessary to describe the investment plan in greater detail.

The loan / finance lease is included in the InnovFin SME Gurantee Facility with financial support from the European Union in the Horizon 2020 Financial Instruments programme and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) established under the Investment Plan for Europe.  The purpose of the EFSI is to contribute to supporting the financing and implementation of productive investments in the European Union and to provide greater access to financing.
We will also be happy to process your application for subsidies from other institutions that provide subsidy programs.

Are you interested in subsidy consulting?

Send us an independent enquiry.
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