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Operating leasing of vehicles

Gear up for higher quality service

The main advantages of our operating

Solutions even for just one vehicle
Reduction of operating, administrative, and payroll costs
Extensive selection of optional services and lease agreement parameters
Lease payments are a tax-deductible cost, steady cash-flow
Professional advisory services and fleet analysis
The possibility of getting wholesale discounts when purchasing vehicles and services


Operating leasing with services

Operating leasing with services is the most widely used mobility solution.  You do not have to make any down payment, you just pay regular monthly instalments that include services that make your mobility more convenient than ever before. 

A number of optional services related to the operation of the financed vehicle are included in the regular monthly instalments.  Lease payments are a tax-deductible cost regardless of the term of the lease.  At the end of the lease term, when you use the vehicle without worries, you simply return the vehicle to us and transfer to a new one.  What kind of vehicle will it be next time?

Basic services included in the fixed monthly instalment:

  • Vehicle financing for an agreed period and kilometrage
  • Vehicle purchase and registration
  • Road tax payment
  • Radio fee payment 
  • Insurance claims management and resolution with insurance companies
  • Advice on vehicle selection and fleet optimisation
  • Taking care of all paperwork with respect to the vehicle
  • Detailed reporting

Other individually electable services:

Warranty and post-warranty service
consumables, regular inspections and technical inspection
Tyre service
purchase of tyres, retreading, storage (number of sets according to the agreed kilometrage and term of agreement)
Fuel cards
with a discount on fuel, management, reporting
mandatory, collision and supplementary insurance
Substitute vehicle
in the event of an accident or malfunction
Assistance service
Raiffeisen – Leasing Assistance Non-stop, EU-wide
Motorway vignette for the Czech Republic
purchase, validity check, and management
payments, administration, re-invoicing without loss of points (where it is possible)
complete solution for telematics GPS units, including their management

Operating leasing without services

With this more cost-effective alternative to our Operating Leasing with Services, you will be surprised by the value for money and the basic standard of first-class care.  You can have a car effortlessly, conveniently, and without any inconveniences linked to vehicle ownership.  At the same time, you have all the expenses associated with the operation of the vehicle fully under control thanks to clearly defined monthly instalments.

Services included in the fixed monthly instalment:

  • Vehicle financing for an agreed period and kilometrage
  • Vehicle purchase and registration
  • Road tax payment
  • Radio fee payment
  • Compulsory and collision insurance (5% or 10% deductible), windscreen insurance and supplementary insurance, including assistance with the handling of claims

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