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Procedure for dealing with an accident

In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, proceed pursuant to the applicable provisions of Act No 361/2000 Coll., on road traffic.  The following instructions are for information only:

Are you involved in a traffic accident?
  • Secure the scene of the accident (turn on hazard flashers, wear a safety vest, place a warning triangle...)
  • If it is necessary to ensure the resumption of traffic on the road, you put the vehicles aside until the arrival of the Police if you have duly marked the final position of the vehicles (spray, chalk, sand, etc.)
  • We recommend that you take your own photos to document the situation of the vehicles after the accident, including vehicle registration plates and details of the damage to the vehicles

Were there any personal injuries?
  • Provide first aid and call the emergency service (112, 155), the Police (112, 158) and, if necessary, the fire brigade (150)

When to call the Police (112, 158)?
  • If people have been injured – see above  
  • The estimated damage to the vehicle exceeds CZK 100,000 or if you are not sure of the amount of damage or if you and the other parties to the accident disagree on the degree of fault
  • If damage was incurred by third party property (crash barriers, lamp post, traffic lights, etc.)
  • If an animal was killed in a collision with wildlife 
  • if any of the parties involved is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances
  • If the other party refuses to sign the “Accident Report”
  • In case of damage to the vehicle giving rise to suspicion of a criminal offence (break-in or attempted break-in into the vehicle, vandalism, theft of the vehicle or its parts)
  • Only sign the police report if you agree with its wording.  If you do not agree, make your own statement in the protocol or state your objections to the police procedure (write in Czech, even when abroad).

If the Police refuse to come, write down the date, time, name, and service number of the person you spoke to on the phone – then state those details in the accident report.

  • Always fill in an Accident Report: (fill one in even if the accident is investigated by the Police)
    • Try to include as much information as possible
    • Fill in the date, time, and exact location of the accident
    • Provide a description of the accident (if there is not enough room in column 12 “Circumstances of the accident” for the description of the accident, describe the accident in column 14 “Own remarks” or in column 13 “Drawing of the accident…”, or in the form of a separate e-mail)
    • Write an exact description of the damage to the vehicles involved in the accident
    • Draw a plan of the accident
    • Do not forget to obtain the signatures of the parties involved in the accident and in the case of clear fault, fill in in the appropriate boxes who the culprit is and who the victim!!!
    • We recommend that you take your own photos to document the situation of the vehicles after the accident, including vehicle registration plates and details of the damage to the vehicles 
    • Write down the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other contact information of all of the parties involved in the accident, including any witnesses (for foreign parties involved in the accident, we recommend making a copy of their green card and vehicle registration certificate, including the VIN – e.g., using a mobile telephone).

ALWAYS fill in the “Remarks” box on the “Accident Report” who the culprit is and who the victim.  All parties involved in the accident must sign the form.  This information is important for the insurance company when settling the claim.  The original of the form is to be kept by the injured party.

Special cases:
  • Accident involving several parties (more than 2 cars damaged) – Complete and submit an Accident Report with each of the parties involved
  • Collision with wildlife – always call the Police
  • Theft and vandalism – always call the Police
  • Accident abroad Report the accident to the police if it is required by the laws of the country.  Whether or not you call the police is always governed by the laws of the country where the accident occurred.
  • Sign the police report only if you fully agree with its wording.   Otherwise, include your own statement about the accident.  Even abroad, write in Czech.  Furthermore, a foreigner has a right to an interpreter during questioning.
Towing of an immobile vehicle, right to a replacement vehicle:
  • Call the assistance service you have arranged, they will give you the details of the extent of your insurance coverage.
    • If you have a “fleet car” (within the framework of an operating lease with services) – contact Raiffeisen Leasing Assistance at +420 292 292 227, they will provide you with assistance to the extent agreed in the leasing agreement.
    • If you have a car on credit or financial lease, call the assistance service of the insurance company with which you have arranged your car insurance:
      • pojišťovna UNIQA   +420 272 101 020
      • pojišťovna GENERALI ČESKÁ POJIŠŤOVNA  +420 241 114 114
      • pojišťovna DIRECT  +420 291 291 291
      • pojišťovna KOOPERATIVA - from Czech Republic 1220 / from abroad +420 266 799 779

To report an insurance claim, click here
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